Inspired by a poem by actress Emily Bevan (Amy Dyer in the BBC3 BAFTA nominated 'In The Flesh), NO STRINGS is about a man and woman attempting to have a no strings relationship. The film was shot at Ott's Yard in Kentish Town, London, which was designed by award-winning architecture practice vPPR. 

Official Selection: London Short Film Festival, Highland Park Film Festival (Award: Best Score), LIQUID Video Art Festival

Director of Photography: Olly Nice
Editor: Nicola Sersale
Original Music: Angus MacRae
Produced by Adam Dolman at Steam Media and Nurjan Nevzat, and Executive Produced by Emily Bevan

Inspired by Emily Bevan's poem, No Strings Attached:

On the side of the bed, she sat
As placid as magnolia paint.
The doorbell rang
(A tiny pang)
She uncurls and cat-like pads
Softly descending each step
Careful to open the door
But not her heart

Hi. He leans in
She turns her cheek out
And a lost kiss lands
At a safe distance
Somewhere near her ear.

There was nothing to say.
The text had said it all.
Earlier that day.
“No strings.”

They are in her room
They are sitting on the bed. 
Their feet firmly planted in reality.
Space between them,
But their hands, brave explorers
Unconsciously uncurl
And find the other.

They watch them
Like parent’s observing children at play.
Free, fearless, frank.

A shared smile
Foreheads eskimo kiss
And cheeks brush and
And eyes close with a quiet meeting of minds.

A glance down at their wrists
And there
An innocent bow.
One half her and one half him.
They are tied together with string.

‘I’m sorry’, he says. I think it was me.
‘No, no’ she says. It was me it was me.

A sigh floats them back
And their heads land like feathers
They turn, kaleidoscopic
A pair of mindless magnets.

He brushes something from her cheek
Remembering it is a stray freckle.
Holds her chin.
They can feel their feet
Start a brazen double date
(Which is quickly turning into an orgy of socks)

And when they unlock eyes
It is no surprise
That their ankles are bound like bandits.

They kick and twist to get free
The string drops
But as she kicked
Her leg crept over his
And found such a perfect place.
Foot pressed on his calve.

And then arms couldn’t
Just couldn’t help but follow suit
Mute.. but intent on the other
And they held tight
To the rest of the night.

Their eyes are tight shut.
When they wake up.
They will see
What the morning will bring.
They are tied up completely in string.